Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I think I have the wrong shoe glue

I really do think that I have the wrong shoe glue here, or maybe I just don't have any shoe glue and that is the problem. Also, on the same page, I think my shirt is not sticky enough. I comment on the idea that I am lacking shoe glue because of the bus rides here. Everyone seems so composed as we are flying down the roads, hitting speed bumps, and struggling through the switching gears on an unstable bus, while I clearly stick out as my feet slide, I move back and forth in my seat, and barely can stand up when it is my stop without literally falling onto a person nearby me. Lets just say the bus system here is really nice and efficient to get around to places, but I try to only take the buses when I need to, which is still for sure 16 times a week if I only go to work and back, ha. But, I am becoming a master at flagging down a bus (because the first day I accidentally let 2 pass before someone else flagged down the bus I needed as well so I quickly got on it before it drove away) and I can tell the person where I am going without having to repeat it more than once (10 de Abril, puente del pollo, al mechor ocampo, puente del pollo), and I am kind of getting the hang out letting the bus driver know when I need to stop, but most of the time they just see me stand up and assume that I probably want to get off at the next stop. Also, I am apparently a trustworthy-looking person because yesterday morning I was on my bus to 10 de Abril and somehow it wasn't crowded and I ended up on the bus alone for a second, and the bus driver stopped, put the bus in park, and got off to get something to drink and something to eat from a small shop that was on the side of the road. I could have gotten up and driven the bus away (not that I honestly would have known how to drive a bus) but I could have, and I was trusted not to because apparently the bus driver was more worried about being thirsty and hungry than getting me to my stop on time. But, ha, this is Mexico :)

On a different note, I had a good day at Las Palomas today. A lot of my day at this place is spent sitting and talking to the people who live there. They are real nice, but sometimes it is a struggle to get them to talk to me without falling asleep or repeating too much. But, I have definitely had some great conversations in these past two weeks. Another nice thing about Las Palomas is that occasionally people come in for an hour or so each week and bring a snack or sing a couple of songs for the people who live there, which is a nice change of pace from what they are used to. Well, today, we had a very special visitor at Las Palomas--> it was Dr. Simi! Now, this is coming from someone who doesn't enjoy people dressed up in masks or outfits, and especially someone who doesn't like clowns, Dr. Simi scared the bejeezes out of me. However, I kept a smile on my face and watched as the people really enjoyed his presence. They put on some music and a couple of the women got up and started dancing with Dr. Simi and smiling and laughing. I even got up and danced with one of the ladies a little bit (nope, I did not dance with Dr. Simi, haha, that would have been really scary for me). I really enjoyed that Dr. Simi was there because there is one lady who carries around a notebook with Dr. Simi's face on it, and she LOVES him, so I watched her eyes light up when she saw him in person, and believe me, she was first in line to dance with him, and went back a couple more times. :) At the end of the dance session, Dr. Simi and friends passed out slippers to all the residents there, and people enjoyed getting the gift like it was Christmas. A lot of them tucked them away in their sweaters so that no one would take it, even though everyone had their own pair. Even though I was slightly afraid of Dr. Simi, it was a great visit, and definitely put a smile on all the people's faces for the rest of the day.

here is a picture of Dr. Simi (just so you all can picture what I saw) and he isn't all that scary, but still, definitely a person dressed up in a costume and not the most comfortable thing for me to see

Those were just some thoughts until next time :D

paz y amor,

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